What I believe


As a fiscal conservative, I believe we need to find more efficiency in state government and will work to bring more accountability to our state systems. By holding the line on state spending, we can find ways to reduce the tax burden on Nebraska's businesses and families, leading to more economic growth.


Education is key when it comes to growing our state. We need to have strong schools focused on preparing students for future careers. Providing students with a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning is also important, and I support continued emphasis on skills that are key for a successful future.


As a person involved in the day-to-day operation of a farm, I know first hand the dedication and hard work put in by farm families across District #17. If elected, I will focus on policies that cut excessive regulations that prohibit growth in agriculture and will work to find more ways to bring children back to the farm.

Community and Economic Development

A successful Nebraska starts with successful communities! The people who live and work in District #17 are the backbone of our state. I will support programs that foster small business growth and economic vitality in the villages, towns, and cities across the district, finding new ways to create jobs so we can retain and attract young families.

Pro-Life and Pro-Family

I believe children are precious gifts from God and support pro-life initiatives. We need to preserve the importance of family in our culture and by encouraging strong families and communities, I believe we can make a positive impact on the challenges we face as a nation.

Public Safety

As the daughter of a volunteer fireman who served for 35 years, I greatly value the sacrifices of those who serve us as first-responders in our local communities and commend them for their service. To support our law enforcement, we should give them the tools and resources they need to keep us safe across Nebraska, which is why I support Nebraska retaining the death penalty as a tool that can be used in the case of the most heinous crimes.

Gun Rights

I support the right to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Joni Albrecht's Grandson
Joni and Mike Albrecht Farm
Joni Albrecht discussing the future
Joni Albrecht
Joni Albrecht discussing policies